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What is Krazy Binz?

A new concept in shopping. A real life treasure hunt.

Krazy Binz Liquidation is a bargain bin discount store like no other. We offer STEEP discounts with the price FALLING EVERYDAY until the final day of the week! Prices for items in the bins will never exceed $29.99. 

You can buy brand-name vacuum cleaners to gaming systems to the highest quality tools and home goods for a fraction of their retail price. You are going to love your experience shopping with us.

Store fully restocks Thursday night, and throughout the day on Friday and Saturday. If you love bargain hunting, you’re gonna love Krazy Binz.

What can you get?

35000+ Products

On any given day, when you walk into Krazy Binz, you will find items priced at a massive discount off retail prices, all for the set price of the day. Prices for items in the bins will never exceed $29.99.

Our products include electronics, toys, shoes, small appliances, tools and more.

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New bins everyweek

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Krazy Binz

Where something krazy happens every day

What is the Golden Egg?

Golden Egg Finds

It’s to make things a little more fun and interesting! A more expensive item is set on the side and an egg with a paper inside is hidden in the binz (not in items or boxes).

The lucky customer that finds the egg will get the corresponding item for the price of $25- if they wish to get the item.

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Krazy Concept ★ Krazy Discounts ★ Krazy Deals

Krazy Binz Supercentre Kitchener

Krazy Binz Kitchener

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Krazy Binz Erin Mills

Krazy Binz Calgary

Krazy Binz Edmonton

Krazy Binz Red Deer

Krazy Binz Cambridge

Krazy Binz Stratford

Krazy Binz Scarborough

Krazy Binz Scarborough Lawrence Ave E

Krazy Binz Hamilton

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Krazy Binz London

Krazy Binz Winnipeg

Krazy Binz Winnipeg
McPhillips St

Krazy Binz Saskatoon

Krazy Binz Surrey

Krazy Binz Regina

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Krazy Binz Newmarket

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    • What is Krazy Binz?
      We are a new and unique business idea in the liquidation world.
    • What do you sell?
      Everything and tons of things 🤯
    • How does your pricing work?
      We price according to the day not the item NO MATTER what the retail price is 🤩
    • Is it all returns? Or all new?
      Mostly NEW items, few returns and fewer gently used items
    • Where do you get your items from?
      Major online retailers
    • Do you sort or organize your items?
      No- every week we get a truckload filled with tens of thousands of items, we put them in the binz randomly for Friday for the new week of Treasure Hunting 🤑
    • Is it always this messy and unorganized?
      Yes! It’s a treasure hunt- organizing and sorting defeats the purpose and the concept!
    • Do you hold items?
    • Do you ship items?
    • Can I buy online and come pick up?
    • Can I exchange an item?
      ALL SALES ARE FINAL- so please make sure to test your item before buying it, that’s why there is a testing station 🙂 
    • What is the Golden Egg?🥚
      It’s to make things a little more fun and interesting-a more expensive item is set on the side and an egg with a paper inside is hidden in the binz( not in items or boxes) the lucky customer that finds the egg will get the corresponding item for the price of the day- if they wish to get the item.
    • Some items aren’t worth the price of the day- why? 🤔
      Correct- hence the drop in price every day of the week to $1 only- for what ever is left. It’s an elimination process, what ever isn’t sold one day stays to the next day for a lower price- but no guarantees that it will be there 😉

    • What does restock mean?
      We keep adding new items on Saturday and Sunday throughout the day😱

    • What methods of payments are accepted?
      All methods of payments are accepted 💵and 💳

    • How do you make your orders?
      We simply don’t, it’s a surprise for us as much as it is for the customers 😊

    • Can I open boxes?
      NO! ASK A STAFF MEMEBER, we are more than happy to open boxes for you, if anyone is caught ripping boxes they will be asked to leave the store!

    • Where are your locations?
      Ontario: Kitchener, London, Hamilton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Scarborough, Stratford and Barrie
      Manitoba: Winnipeg
      Saskatchewan: Regina and Saskatoon
      Alberta: Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer
      B.C.: Surrey
      …… and more to come ❣
    • Why do you close at 4 pm on Thursday or Friday?
      Because we clean all the binz to make space for the new shipment to be restocked for Friday or Saturday; Prime Days😍

    Happy hunting🥰